Everything You Need to Know About … | Spring Gentrification Conference Facilitators

We are pleased to release the official roster of facilitators for the Spring 19 Gentrification Conference

This Saturday’s conference is our first conference featuring afternoon breakout sessions/ workshops facilitated by various community leaders and organizations that are putting in real work to support development without displacement. Upon registration in the morning, community members will have the opportunity to choose two sessions that peak their interest. Details about the facilitators and their workshops are below.*

*no particular order

Topic: Relationship Between Policing & Gentrification: A University of Rochester Case Study (1:30pm-2:25pm) (2:30pm-3:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Ted Forsyth, Pastor Wanda Wilson, Dorian Hall, Unversity of Rochester Students
Organization: Police Accountability Board
Summary of Session : The University of Rochester is proposing to arm members of their Department of Public Safety and allow them to patrol across the river. This panel will connect the arming of DPS officers and gentrification in the PLEX neighborhood and share and help interpret the results of the City of Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan. They will focus on what the report reveals about housing and gentrification in Rochester.

Topic:  The Rochester Housing Market Study (2:30pm-3:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Mitch Gruber, Elizabeth Murphy
Organization: City of Rochester
Summary of Session : City Councilperson Mitch Gruber and Elizabeth Murphy from the Office of Planning will share highlights of the recently completed analysis of the citywide housing market. This information is being used to inform the soon-to-be- released Comprehensive Plan and will be useful to inform community conversations around housing and community development strategies.

Topic: Connection Between Gentrification & Eviction (1:30pm-2:25pm) (2:30pm-3:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Mary Lupien, Liz McGrif and Others
Organization: City Wide Tenants Union
Summary of Session: The City Wide Tenants Union of Rochester will lead a panel discussion on the intersection of eviction, tenants rights, and gentrification. They will share on their state and local level policy proposals for creating a more just housing system.

Topic: Bringing High Tech Companies to Rochester: A Threat or A Gift
Facilitator(s):  Richard Glaser & Ana Liss (1:30pm-2:25pm)
Organization: RocGrowth
Summary of Session: Richard Glazer and Ana Liss will lead an informal discussion about the benefits of high tech and why the community and city officials should use the tech industry to support job development and real estate development in the City of Rochester.

Topic: How the Community Land Trust is Changing the Affordable Housing Landscape in Rochester (1:30pm-2:25pm) (2:30pm-3:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Joe DiFiore, Matt DeLaus and Others
Organization: City Roots Community Land Trust
Summary of Session: This discussion will be led by members of the City Roots Community Land Trust. Attendees will learn about the important work the last trust is doing as well as how they can get involved in promoting development without displacement in Rochester.

Topic: The Relationship Between White Fragility & Activism (2:30pm-3:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Calvin Eaton , Shane Weigand
Organization: 540WMain
Summary of Session: This workshop will discuss the concepts of white fragility, white privilege and their intersections between white allies and those supporting POC activists. How do white people support without usurping movements intentionally or unintentionally? How can white people do activism work without centering themselves?

Topic: Gentrification & Community Schools (1:30pm-2:25pm)
Facilitator(s):  Janielle Crocker
Organization: Connected Communities
Summary of Session: Janielle Crocker from Connected Communities will explore the relationship between community schools and gentrification. The interactive presentation will include case studies from other areas in NYS that are implementing the public school model as well as how Connected Communities is helping implement community schools in the Beechwood Neighborhood.


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