Gentrification and The Policing of Black Bodies | Guest Blog by Calvin Eaton

‘Fall 2018 Gentrification Conference // Who Are the Gentrified?

Saturday October 20th // 10am-4pm

Thomas P. Ryan Community Center

Gentrification and The Policing of Black Bodies by Calvin Eaton

D’Arreion Toles, of St.Louis just wanted to enter into his luxury apartment for the night. Hilary Brooke Mueller (a white woman) didn’t feel he belonged there and took it upon herself to invade his space, obscure his rights and block his entry to his door.

A back and forth transpired which ended with the police being called and the questioning of a black man’s existence in his own home ensued. Fortunately, this time the story doesn’t end in tragedy.

What does this now viral story have to do with gentrification?

As luxury lofts and skyscraper buildings line a cityscape more than the physical landscape of a city changes. With the physical, the cultural, socioeconomic, and racial landscape changes as well.

As transplants relocate to a now gentrified city, they typically bring their own ideals, judgements, perspectives and sometimes racism along with their pour over coffees and luxury luggage.

Long time minority residents and even new folks of color are quite literally overcome and pushed out of an area that they once dominated. People, norms, and habits that once were part of the cloth of a neighborhood are now seen as foreign, untrendy, and a nuisance. Residents (typically POC) are policed by the new in their own neighborhood and no longer belong in their own home.

D’Arreion’s story could easily be a story in downtown Rochester. In fact his story is the story now popping up weekly in urban districts all across the US. Black bodies living their lives, doing nothing illegal; policed by the white and the privileged in their own neighborhoods.

The questions remain: Who are the gentrified? Who are the gentrifiers? What are their stories? To whom does this space, this space belong.

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Attend the 540WMain Gentrification Conference this Saturday to support development without racism and displacement.

All About the (Fall) 540Gentrification Conference | October 20

540WMain Communiversity presents:

540WMain Gentrification (Fall) Conference

Saturday October 20th // 10am-4pm

Dear Community,

We are pleased to formally announce the fall edition of the 540WMain Gentrification Conference

In March 2018 540WMain Communiversity, City Roots Community Land Trust, 441 Ministries and the Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition held an inaugural sold out conference on gentrification in the City of Rochester. Based on this success and community feedback our planning committee has moved forward with this fall edition of the conference to be held at the Thomas P. Ryan Center in the Beechwood Neighborhood.

Fall Theme

Themed “Who Are the Gentrified” our fall conference will continue the discussion around the history of gentrification in Rochester neighborhoods. Throughout the day we will highlight the stories of individuals in our community affected by gentrification and bring together leaders, developers, and residents of our community to learn about what is currently being done to counter displacement, find better solutions, and determine a collective path forward.

This engaging and hands on conference will be co-facilitated by two veteran teachers and community leaders, Calvin Eaton Founder and Executive Director of 540WMain Communiversity and Shane Wiegand from the Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition and City Roots Community Land Trust.

Register online today ($6) // Open to all